Complicated yet Exciting & maybe Fulfilling

this is SUCH a challenge…especially for the mentally ill/unstable/anxiety ridden/depressed/traumatized/flawed in some way….guys, WE did not ask for this flaw…WE do not understand why we suffer nor understand ourselves most of the time…WE do not wear a sign around our neck…WE look normal from the outside…UNTIL…WE do know that WE are NOT alone…WE know WHO the Healer is…WE know TRUE LoVe…WE know false LoVe…many of us may never get to experience TRUE LoVe from a warm, tangible body on this planet AND learning HOW to LoVe like this takes a lifetime…personally, I have experienced more LoVe when I am down to the bare necessities & found myself thrown into servant-hood….ain’t it funny…WHY does the human so quickly take blessings for granted…IT is easier for the camel…thank you for the reminder

— feeling determined.

Seven major concerns about Bethel Church…

searching for Truth…one step at a time….

7/4/2018 Update:


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Disrupting Culture

Hi Jonathan,

I understand that you probably are bombarded with email daily, so I understand if you do not or cannot respond, but upon receiving this information you were the first person that came to mind. I really have a lot of respect for you because you truly back everything up with the Word of God & indeed you are a student of the Word.

I recently was watching some Bethel Worship on Youtube and Jenn Johnson was leading and singing prophetically. I love Bethel Worship for many reasons but mainly because they convey the heart of the Father…well when I looked down at the comments, people had some really interesting things to say concerning Bethel. Calling them a cult and saying that Jenn was dressed seductively and singing in a seductive manner (she had on a dress down to her ankles). It really bothered me so I asked where…

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